Earn more by re-engaging users who already have your app installed
Getloyal is the automated retargeting system for mobile apps. With advanced technologies for analyzing and processing data, the Getloyal system selects the most valuable users and shows them an appropriate offer.
Unique technology
Native platform for purchasing traffic that is tailored to retargeting in mobile apps
Data analysis
Advanced technologies for in-depth analysis and processing of user data
Dynamic ads
Banner ads are customized for each user based on their online behavior
Process / how Getloyal works
Processes millions of events that occur in a mobile app
Identifies segments of users who are likely to make a purchase
Determines which ad to show to the user and how much to pay for it, in real time
Automatically gathers data from your tracker
We can find users from all the major traffic sources
TEAM / wake up sleeping app users
Valeria Shubina
Head of Getloyal
Anton Afanasiev
Head of Performance
Frequently asked questions
How does retargeting work?
It is very similar to web retargeting. Mobile app users are targeted with special remarketing banners across the mobile web and other applications.

Why choose Getloyal?
  • GetLoyalIt is an automated mobile app retargeting platform that covers all main traffic sources and takes full responsibility for working with user data.
  • It automates process of launching and running retargeting campaigns like users segmentation and audience creation at traffic source.
  • Also GetLoyal provides a client with an experience in buying traffic in different GEOs and traffic sources as well as it takes the responsibility for the result.

Do you want to launch retargeting in-house?
  • GetLoyal system makes segments of users using configured rules which are based on client's KPI and chosen model. Also it creates audience that could be targeted on any integrated traffic source using API.
  • Getloyal thoroughly segments users based on their user attributes and tailor the retargeting ads to them; System creates "smart segments" for complementary goods sale.
  • Launches all type of campaigns. Dynamic, semi-dynamic, and static remarketing ad formats are possible with Getloyal.
What is about data privacy?
  • Data is stored in a secure database. Only developers have access to specific IDFAs;
  • We sign an NDA;
  • We care about our reputation and cannot afford a single case with information leakage.
Why retargeting doesn't work?
You haven't identified proper app user segments.
Our major focus is retargeting; we are experienced in working with different business verticals and we are most likely to reach high results.
What is a pricing model of GetLoyal?
We can start working using any pricing model client wants. Preferable models are CPA/CPS/CPO.
CONTACTS / Let's work together
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