HeroCraft is a leading developer and publisher of games and applications for mobile phones and smart devices. The company has the status of «TOP Developer» on Google Play. The game products attain an audience of 50+ million players around the world.
Re-engage players to Space Arena: Build & Fight game with ROAS > 204%
Mobile retargeting for Space Arena: Build & Fight — one of the flagship PvP games of the publisher.
Colleagues from Herocraft wanted to return users who for various reasons lost their activity within the game. The main targets were as follows: 1) to return users from Tier 1 countries; 2) to perform ROAS> 50%.
1. User Segmentation

Together with the colleagues from Herocraft, we chose two user segments to re-engage:
Paying users
Users who generally make in-app purchases, but did not buy anything during the last week.
Players with level 9
Players who have reached level 9 in the game, but haven't made a single payment. Users who have already reached this level, start to fully understand the mechanics of the game. It was important for us to push them to the first purchase.
2. Testing: Traffic Sources, Ad banners
HeroCraft wanted to accentuate on Tier1 countries, there we launched campaigns in relevant sources such as DSP and Facebook. DSP allows you to find users in other applications, including in other games.

3. Deeplinks
It was important to introduce the deeplinks technology in order to lead users to the desired screen within the app. In our case, the user was switched to the discount screen, which is only available via diplink. In this way, we increased the value of retargeting — a player could see a unique discoiunt that was not showcased in the offer system of the game.
4. Pricing model
We have chosen a pricing model in mobile retargeting with payment only for re-engaged users — CPE (Cost Per Re-engagement). Learn more about CPE.
5. Promotion Strategy
Изначально начали проводить тесты на Android. На базе первых тестов выяснили, какие ГЕО самые прибыльные. Выбрали топ-10 стран с наиболее высокими показателями. В этих регионах запускали тестовые связки (гео плюс креатив). Выбрали самые эффективные связки и запустили на iOS. Параллельно тестовые связки тестировали на разных источниках. Это позволило масштабировать кампанию и увеличить количество ежедневных покупок.

Initially, we started conducting tests on Android. On the basis of the first tests, we found out which GEOs are the most profitable. Chose the top 10 countries with the highest rates. In these regions, test clusters were launched (geo plus creative). We chose the most effective bundles and launched on iOS. In parallel, test ligaments were tested on various sources. This allowed the campaign to scale up and increase the number of daily purchases.


На текущий момент ROAS клиента превысил 204% суммарно на обеих платформах при средней конверсии из реатрибуции в покупку — 25%. В очередной раз команда Getloyal показала готовность к диалогу с любым клиентом и к выполнению поставленных задач.

Rudolf Tarailo
User Acquisition Manager at HeroCraft
HeroCraft уже не первый месяц сотрудничает с Getloyal. Ребята отлично показали себя на флагманском продукте Space Arena, и сейчас мы расширяем пул активных проектов. Также, они стали для нас первой компанией, с которой мы запустили ретаргетинг. Getloyal превосходно справляются со своей задачей. Еще на этапе подготовки во всем чувствуется ответственный подход к поставленной задаче. Команда всегда радует нас оперативностью и готовностью ответить на любой вопрос в любое время, а результат всегда на высоте.
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