FOR LitRes — the largest library of licensed e-books and audio books in Russia. The assortment includes 875 000 e-books, more than 10 000 of them are in audio format.


To increase the number of paying users' purchases via LitRes iOS and Android app by using mobile retargeting. Moreover, motivate users who viewed the book item to make their first purchase.

1. We built audience segments and updated API on advertising platforms. After we separated the audience by events and developed strategies for user re-engagement.
Placed items to the cart but didn't order
Motivate users to complete the order by showing items from the cart or by offering similar extra books.

Having viewed a book item but didn't make a single order
Motivate users to complete the order by offering popular kind of books, discounts and special first-order offers.

Having bought recently or earlier
To encourage loyal users who stopped buying books for another purchase, offering popular novelties and books from the editorial collections.

The audience segments were uploaded to the advertising platforms and updated every half an hour in order to cover the maximum number of users.

2. We used different approaches to work with audiences, here are some examples:
Static Banners

We used bestseller books, popular categories and book genres for static banner approach. After having implemented various tests, we chose the most effective ones.

Semi-dynamic Banners

To understand which books are the most popular with users, we have enriched each event with the corresponding book category from the client's feed. Next to, we segmented users according to genres and approaches.

Example of Approaches
  • Users recently looked through a specific book category — we show banners with popular books in this category;
  • Users recently viewed specific books — we show banners these and other relevant books;
  • Users who have viewed a specific author — we show digest of particular author's books.
Dynamic Retargeting
This format is available only on DSP. It automatically demonstrates the items viewed or added to the cart by a user.

We create templates which display proper items.

Integration with the client tracking system
Getloyal Audience Builder
Getloyal platform for creating
dynamic banners
DSP, MyTarget, Facebook

More than 16.000 iOS users and more than 73.000 Android users were re-engaged. During the advertising campaign (4 months) re-engaged users made more than 55K purchases.
The frequency of purchase from the returning paying user is on the average higher on iOS — by 18%, on Android — by 16%. Involvement in the content of the returned users on Android is 2 times higher, on iOS — 1.5 times. The average CTR of static banners via MyTarget was 0.8%, and of dynamic banners via DSP — 1.7%. The average conversion from a click to reengagement — is above 50% — was achieved due to the excellent implementation of customer's deeplinks and proper audience segmentation.

Andrey Leonov
Head of mobile promotion LitRes
During the advertising campaign, users who have been re-engaged by mobile retargeting, made more than 55 thousand purchases through the application on Android and iOS. Thanks to the Getloyal team for an excellent result!
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