KUPIVIP.RU – is the largest online store in Russia, leading in the fashion outlet segment.

Motivate users to make their first purchase via KupiVIP iOS and Android app by using mobile retargeting.
We built an audience and updated API on advertising platforms. The challenge was to exclude users who have already made purchases in the application. We excluded everyone who has made a purchase during the last 365 days in Audience Builder. The audience was uploaded to advertising platforms and updated once in an hour to exclude those who could already make a purchase.

After we separated the audience by events and developed strategies for user re-engagement. In addition, we used new advertising formats.

Placed items to the cart but didn't order
Motivate users to complete the order by showing items from the cart or by offering similar extra goods
Checked product page but didn't make a single order
Motivate users to complete the order by offering discounts
Static Banners
We used popular categories of goods and current discounts for static banner approach.

Banners were created for various ad formats: video, static, in-apps, carousel.

Semi-dynamic Banners
We segmented users by the following categories:

  • Users looked through specific brands — we show products of this brand;
  • Users recently viewed the product category — we show banners with products from this category;
  • Users who has viewed summer goods in the summer season — we show products from the autumn category.

Dynamic Retargeting
This format is available only on DSP. It automatically demonstrates the items viewed or added to the cart by a user.

We prepare templates which display proper items.

Integration with the client tracking system
Getloyal Audience Builder
Dynamic banners
DSP, MyTarget

As a result of the campaign, more than 4,000 unique, previously unpaid users were returned to KupiVip iOS and Android app, more than 4% made the first purchase. The conversion to payer among re-attributed from dynamic banners was 6%. The conversion from click to re-attribution on both platforms was on the average 43%. The average ad banners CTR ranged from 0.7% to 1.3%. During the advertising campaign 678 banners were tested.

Oleg Naumov
Director of Internet Marketing, KupiVip
Retargeting will soon become an integral part of mobile app promotion. User re-egagement allows to increase the active customers monetization and retention.
We are grateful to Getloayl team for the quality of work and KPI implementation.

Thanks to KupiVip for helping to make the case.

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