Belka Games — is a social and mobile games development company. The flagship is Clockmaker, a match3 game with more than 40 mln downloads.

Retargeting allowed to increase the frequency of orders, the average check and ROI.

We launched a campaign for Clockmaker puzzle, a Match3 game. We had two core challenges. The first one — is to return and motivate for a new purchase the "sleeping" previously paying users from the EU and US GEO. The second goal of the campaign was to re-engage players who have passed all the levels and lost interest to the game. The client added new exciting scripts, and we had to inform users about the game novelty.
1. User segmentation and development of creative approaches

We created dynamically updated user segments with the help of our technology of Audience Builder and events, gathered from the client's base. The configuration process is highly simplified for a client, as Getloyal system is integrated with all possible mobile trackers.

We segmented the audience according to the following aspects:
Made in-app purchases:

— 30-15 days ago and did't make a purchase for the last 15 days;

— 60-30 days ago and did't make a purchase for the last 30 days;

— 120-60 days ago and did't make a purchase for the last 60 days;.
Together with the client, we developed a gift that the player received by clicking on a custom deeplink. Due to client's technology, we can create any gift for the user and integrate it into a deeplink. This approach caused a positive reaction of players, led to a high CTR and conversion to the purchase.
We showed a personalised gift on a banner, the example is below.

2. Inventory SSP

The client wanted to get user re-engagements from the US and EU. Therefore, we decided to use the inventory of major SSP, that fit into GEO criteria. These and some other SSPs are already connected to our own DSP. The total source inventory allows to cover the majority of users from the assembled segments through applications such as 9GAG, Photo Editor, 360 Security.
3. Creative approaches

By launching retargeting campaign is essential to cover the maximum number of users, therefore we always involve all possible formats. For example, we used 320x50, 320x480, 300x250 formats, as well as native banners and videos.

The campaign was launched in May 2018 and is still bringing re-engagements and purchases. During the first two months of the campaign, the conversion from click to order was 35%, the ARPPU of the reengaged users was 17% higher than the ARPPU of other users. In a month after the campaign was launched ROI was 300%, and in 2 months 458%.

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