FOR AVIASALES — крупнейший российский метапоисковик авиабилетов. Ежемесячная аудитория сервиса оценивается более 7 миллионов человек, а приложение Aviasales, по данным компании, есть на каждом третьем российском iPhone.

The Company has a large user base, and working with this audience is top priority. It was decided to use retargeting to try to re-engage users who have not bought anything for a long time, as well as those who searched for tickets to a specific destination but never made a reservation.
We launched retargeting campaigns in myTarget in December of 2016. Campaigns were set up to focus on three target user audiences:
Searching for tickets over the last 30 days but haven't booked anything
"Hook" the user by offering to complete the process
Last booked over 30 days ago
Offer to buy tickets "right now"
Never made a purchase
Push toward their first order by showing current flight offers
More than 150 banners and ads were created and tested for the retargeting campaign. An important part of optimization was to create narrow user segments. Some of the main approaches that worked:
By country
Developed creatives with destinations that the user had already searched for.
By gender
Women were shown a beach holiday, and men were shown more active vacations.
By price
Showed banners with exact flight prices.

The retargeting campaigns re-engaged 40 000 users. The quality of the traffic has doubled, and the ROI was 50% over the first month.
Vera Zlygosteva
Head of Mobile Performance, Aviasales
The results of cooperation with Getloyal speak for themselves. We can recommend Getloyal as a good partner for mobile retargeting.
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